Our solutions can be applied to a single or multiple entries on internal and external doors, car park barriers, gates and turnstiles.

Using the latest technology, we eliminate threats posed to the workplace by uncontrolled access points and protect your business assets located in sensitive areas of the building.  

Capable of creating authorisation access levels for your premises, it ensures the ultimate protection for your business and eliminates costly incidents. Our biometric access control hardware also features facial recognition and fingerprint biometric technology.   

We are particularly proud to be associated with leading contractors as their preferred supplier to meet the needs of projects across the UK.

Access Control Hardware

Biometric fingerprint

High image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor.

Biometric facial recognition

Touch-free hardware providing extra Security.

Swipe card Hardware

Incorporate RFID cards or fobs for accuracy and speed.

Key Benefits

User friendly

Easy-to-use access control solutions for businesses of all sizes 

Reliable security

Proven technologies for protecting staff, visitors and valuable assets


Tailored access control solutions suitable for doors turnstiles and barriers

Biometric technology

Biometric fingerprint and facial recognition technology for added security



Key Attributes

  • Safe and reliable security   
  • Protection of employees, visitors & assets
  • Flexible & Tailored solution 
  • Time zones & access groups
  • Single or multiple entry points  
  • Options of card and biometric hardware

Access control management software

With our user-friendly access control management software in place, you can quickly make changes to authorisation levels, access times and add or remove users from a central database. Users are issued a set of permissions that grant them valid access to certain points of entry, while keeping other locations off-limit. Depending on the level of security needed or your preferred technology, we offer a wide range of biometric access control security systems and swipe card access control security systems for every budget. From one single door project to multiple doors and locations we have the solution for you.