The workforce mobile clocking in app is a highly effective method of tracking remote workers.

Collating work hours for field workers and those not office-based is essential. The remote workforce clocking in app is a way of allowing employees to use their mobile phones to clock in and out electronically.

Using a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC) and GPS technology, the appointment geographical location that an employee has clocked in, enabling supervisors or managers to track the activities of that employee on any given day.


Key Benefits

User friendly

Easy to use for all Android and IOS users, with smooth intuitive navigation

GPRS tracking

Realtime data tracking allows employers to monitor the location of remote workers

Record travel time

Clock in and out when traveling to meetings or required destinations

Data backup

If device signal is out of range, the time and attendance app will save and backup the data

Key Attributes

  • Clock in and clock out with ease
  • GPRS location tracking
  • Add job numbers
  • Record travel time
  • Back up data
  • Operates on all Android and IOS mobile devices