Save time and money with our hassle-free Sage payroll integration.

Sage Payroll is a popular solution for in-house payroll processing. If you are a Sage Payroll user looking for a compatible time and attendance system,  then Computime can help.

Automated links to payroll provide a reliable and accurate information transfer which enables businesses to run smooth payroll runs. This can save hours of manual calculations and input.

We offer solutions for various payroll systems, including Sage, QuickBooks, Pegasus, Iris and many more.

Key benefits


Compatible with industry leading payroll softwares including Sage and Pegasus

Payroll integration

Collect fast and accurate time and attendance data to automate the payroll process

Save time

Payroll exports have never been quicker, enabling your HR team to focus on wider responsibilities

User friendly

Simple and intuitive software which allows you to generate and export payrolls with ease

Key Attributes

  • User friendly
  • Compatible with a wide range of payroll softwares
  • Export payrolls easily
  • Generate reports
  • Save time
  • Create pay profile templates
  • Reliable and accurate data transfer