Our job costing solution is a game changer for your business.

You will have full access to all your business activity, allowing you to forecast future business profits and reduce financial losses.

This solution is the ultimate project management tool and contains many features, including project reports, project analysis, a project activity tracker and a project adjustment tool. Each of these tools allows you to see whether you are working to time targets, as well as measure the performance of individual employees.



Reports at your fingertips.

Easily and quickly view historical data on specific jobs to allow you to maximize time and costs for future projects, using sub-codes to break down each element of a specific job


Key Benefits

Project management

Easily manage projects with our breakdown tool featuring full coverage of all project activities

Generate reports & analysis

Generate a clear overview and analysis of project breakdown and structure

User friendly software

The job management interface allows you to easily create jobs and projects

Ideal for onsite & offsite workers

Ability to log onto jobs from a physical terminal, mobile app or browser

Key Attributes



  • Ideal for onsite and offsite workers
  • Track actual hours worked against planned hours
  • Detailed project breakdown and activities
  • Track individual performance against targets
  • In-depth reports and analysis
  • User-friendly solution

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