Reliable fire roll call management system in the event of an emergency

A solid and reliable fire roll call management system is a legally required and life-saving measure for any company or organisation. It’s most essential in industries from the industrial and manufacturing sectors but must be a key consideration for all businesses. We have developed a fire roll call management system that integrates with our time and attendance software. A unique and innovative fire roll call app, specifically developed for fire marshals and health and safety officers.


It has Never been easier with just 4 simple steps

✅  Grab a phone or tablet
✅  Go to the designated  fire assembly point
✅  Open fire roll call app
✅  Conduct roll call


Collecting data in real-time

The app is constantly updated in real-time with attendance data generated from the clocking in machines within the site. When an employee or a visitor checks in, their name is instantly added to the onsite listing, and when they leave the site, their name is automatically removed from the list. The app will provide up-to-date on-site information of personnel and visitors for each of the assembly points.

Utilizing the fire roll call mobile app, each fire marshal will then perform a fire roll call of all personnel onsite. Each member checked, is marked as safe and removed to a safe list. As an additional security measure, a contact number is listed against each personnel. In case they are listed as present but the marshal is unable to confirm their safety, they can be contacted directly from the app to confirm their whereabouts.


Advantages of Roll Call Mobile App

✅  Automatic and up to date onsite information directly to the app
✅  Eliminates printed onsite listing as they can be unpractical in rain, wind and difficult to read in the dark
✅  Ability to mark employees as safe electronically with the touch of an icon
✅  Clear visual information of safe and missing personnel
✅  Ability to contact missing personnel directly from the app


Available on both IOS and the Google Play store.

No matter your preference we have you coved, Tablet or phone, Apple or android you will find us in the app stores.

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