Having a reliable fire roll call system is a vital legal requirement for any company or organisation.

At Computime, we have developed a fire roll call app that is able to seamlessly integrate with our time and attendance software, allowing you to instantly identify the whereabouts of your employees, visitors and contractors.

✅  Grab phone or tablet
✅  Go to designated  fire assembly point
✅  Open fire roll call app
✅  Conduct roll call

Key Benefits


The app is constantly updated in real-time using data generated from clocking-in machines

User friendly

Employees checked are instantly marked as safe with the touch of an button

Safe and secure

A contact number is listed against each person to confirm their whereabouts

Time saving

Reduces downtime spent when conducting your fire evacuation drills

Key Attributes

  • Fully integrated with time and attendance software
  • Updated in real-time
  • No need for paper listings
  • Contact missing personnel directly from the app
  • Save time and money
  • Clear visual layout
  • Available on both Android and IOS