Our facial recognition clocking system in machine is now one of the devices most used by businesses.

Biometric technology within the hardware scans the facial features of an employee and stores the time and attendance data improving your ability to collect reliable clocking in and out information which is immediately uploaded and stored securely.

The facial recognition machine integrates with time and attendance software to transfer the data seamlessly and can also scan through face masks, which is a very important feature given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Key Benefits

Biometric technology

Create secure biometric templates for each employee and scan through face masks.

Fast clocking-in speed

The biometric technology has a matching speed of less than 0.5 seconds.

Touch free

Create a safer and a hygienic work environment by reducing the spread of disease.

Large storage

During an internet outage staff can still clock in. The unit stores up to 200.000 records.

Key Attributes

  • Create biometirc face templates
  • Identify employees through face masks
  • Store up to 200,000 log records.
  • Provides real-time updates
  • Reliable and accurate data storing
  • Sleek design