Why is seamless payroll export so important?

Why is seamless payroll export so important?

The payroll process has always been vital for businesses of all sizes. In order to maintain the balance between profit and loss, as well as ensure that employees and suppliers are being paid in a timely manner, payrolls need to be accurate and reliable.
At Computime we have developed a solution which enables your HR department to use our bespoke easy-to-use dashboard to deploy smooth and automated payrolls. This is especially beneficial for any business with over 100 employees as it speeds up the payroll process significantly, allowing HR managers to focus on other key priorities.

What does payroll export mean?

Payroll export is a solution which helps you to instantly download spreadsheets of every employee’s time and attendance data.
The file, exported into a CSV format, captures all the clocking in and out data of the time and attendance system, allowing you to accurately understand how much each employee and department should be paid depending on the hours worked.
The payroll export system helps create a faster and smoother payroll process, saving time and money when used in conjunction with payroll softwares such as QuickBooks and Sage.

What are the main benefits of a payroll export solution?

Primarily, it will save your HR department time, allowing them to focus on other equally important tasks at hand. Pay profile templates can be set up for each department and employee.
Because the payroll export solution is fully integrated with our time and attendance systems, you can also easily view all the hours worked by every employee. Whereas manual payrolls carry a risk of human error, our automatic payroll export eliminates the risk of inaccurate information.

Many leading payroll softwares – including Sage, Quickbooks and Pegasus – can be integrated with our payroll export solution, meaning you will no longer have to manually input time and attendance data and hours worked, saving your business time and money in the long run.
For the HR department, this solution enables a smooth and streamlined payroll process. To discuss how we can help your business to save time and money, feel free to give us a call on 0113 868 0124, or email us at info@computimeuk.com.