Why a time and attendance app is the perfect solution for remote workers

Why a time and attendance app is the perfect solution for remote workers

For over 30 years we have been providing a wide range of access control and time and attendance solutions to businesses across many sectors.
We know that many businesses have employees who are working remotely, whether that’s from home, traveling as part of their role or working off-site. For business owners and managers, it can be strenuous to monitor these workers, especially when they are required to clock in and out. To help with this we developed a time and attendance app which provides the missing piece in the jigsaw when it comes to recording time and attendance data from your remote workforce.
With more people working from home and flexible working becoming the norm, as well as the number of workers in sectors such as construction who are required to work across multiple sites, a time and attendance app can add more value now than ever before.

But what benefits can a time and attendance app bring to your business? Read on to find out.

Contact-free clocking in
Because employees use the app on their own mobile phones, the solution provides a contact-free way of clocking-in and clocking-out, reducing the risk of viruses being transmitted among the workforce.

Adaptable and user-friendly                                                                                                                                                                                  Secondly, the app is user-friendly and allows employees to easily clock in and out, automatically recording and monitoring their time and attendance for them. Employers can relax in the knowledge that this app is designed for use by Android and IOS devices so compatibility shouldn’t be a problem.

Access to employee locations in real-time
Real-time data tracking means you can monitor the exact location of remote workers, which is important when it comes to planning and assigning new job requests to your employees.

Secure data back-up wherever you are                                                                                                                                                                        If the device signal is out of range, the time and attendance app will save and backup the data. This is a big benefit for those workers on construction sites and in remote areas with little access to mobile data. When a signal connection is re-established the data will be instantly uploaded to the cloud.

Get in touch
For managers and supervisors who have a busy schedule, this time and attendance app provides a stress-free way to keep track of your employees’ busy schedules and hours. To discuss how we can help your business, feel free to give us a call on 0113 868 0124, or email us at info@computimeuk.com.