What should I look for in a good Time & Attendance System.

What should I look for in a good Time & Attendance System.

What time & attendance system to look for?

Are you struggling for what time and attendance system to look for? As the UK’s leading supplier of time and attendance solutions, Computime is here to give you a few tips on what you should be looking for.

Moving to a time and attendance system that can be automated and track employee hours is good for enabling flexible working, shift-work, and part-time hours without the hassle. It saves your supervisors and managers time and money as well as being fair to all employees for the time they work on payroll.

A time and attendance system & biometric software are growing in popularity and are the system of choice for security and prevention of employees cheating the system. Methods such as biometric fingerprint scanning and facial recognition can be used for clocking in and out of the workplace, preventing employees from clocking in/out others for them and tracking time and attendance accurately.

RFID cards and fob based systems

These can be used to track time and attendance, as well as combined with a door locking system to restrict access to areas of the workplace to specific cards.

Scenario: This is ideal for hotels and residential businesses that require a good standard of security, but flexibility for guests and residents.

Smartphone-based systems

These can be used on the go to track time and attendance, as well as combined with software and RFID card systems for advanced tracking of employee movement.

Scenario: These systems are ideal for outside roles such as geological surveyors, construction workers and contractors who will be travelling frequently.

Can the system track the data I need?

Employees need to be tracked for attendance, leaves of absence, sickness and holidays. Similarly, much time can be saved if your employees can directly apply via the system for their absence requests giving HR an easier time of keeping things in order.

It is also a good idea to see if the data will be stored in the cloud and securely. This means authorised supervisors can check the data anywhere, anytime. Your business will also not have to install extra software if your time and attendance system makes use of the cloud.

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