Our fingerprint access control door entry system has achieved FBI certification for its unrivalled reliability, quality and innovation.

Employing a high-performance touch-based area sensor, the readers capture and transfers the fingerprint templates to the controller for verification and matching in less than 1 second.

Users simply place their finger on the sensor to gain access. Access granted or denied is signalled through an internal sounder and fascia illumination

Key Benefits

Biometric Technology

Creates biometric templates for each employee and blocks unauthorised access.

Instant Identification

Our cutting-edge technology provides instant verification and eliminates human error. 

User Friendly Software

Easy-to-use access control software for businesses of all sizes.

Fully Flexible Software

Fully Flexible Software

Integrate with our software to quickly manage authorisation levels and access times.

Key attributes

  • Reliable and secure
  • verification in less than 1 second
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm
  • Sleek design 

Access control management software


With our user-friendly access control management software,  you can quickly change authorisation levels and access times and add or remove users from a central database. Users are issued a set of permissions that grant them valid access to specific points of entry while keeping other locations off-limit. We have the solution for you from one single-door project to multiple doors and locations.