All you need to know about Biometric Time and Attendance

Biometric time and attendance removes any opportunity for fraudulent time claims because each employee’s unique biometric template is scanned and matched to verify attendance.

Biometric time and attendance has gained popularity over the last 10 years, due to its effectiveness and affordability.


Which is the most popular biometric time and attendance system?

There is a general misconception that the use of biometric time and attendance systems can compromise data protection. It is simply a myth and this is why. When you enrol an employee the scanner takes a digital image of the fingerprint and with the use of a very sophisticated software it identifies the points where fingerprints intersect or end and creates a map of these points which is referred to as a biometric template. Once the template is created the image is then discarded. So there is no risk of any sensitive information being stored.

And the same principle is also applied to biometric time and attendance face scanners. 

To use the biometric time & attendance fingerprint terminal, place your finger on the scanner, if your fingerprint matches your biometric template, the transaction is accepted otherwise it will be rejected.

To use the biometric time & attendance face recognition machine, stand upright in front of the device and face the display window, about 2 feet away. Once again if your face matches your biometric template, the transaction is accepted otherwise it will be rejected.


Which biometric time and attendance system is better?

This is debatable, but for the following reasons, fingerprint technology is more practical.

  • With face scanners, you have to be more precise, where, and how far, you need to stand in front of the unit. This means it takes longer to scan the face, and if you have a queue waiting to clock in, it may cause a delay. Whilst, fingerprint is faster. Touch and Go.
  • Face scanners may not work in direct sunlight especially if it is one of low quality, whilst fingerprint readers operate better in these conditions.
  • Whilst, fingerprints remain the same, facial features can change with time, makeup or other reasons. For example if you grow or shave your beard or start wearing glasses your face will not be recognized and will be rejected by the scanner because it doesn’t match the biometric template stored in the unit.
  • With fingerprint devices, you can actually enrol more than one finger. This means if you cut one finger you can always use another one.
  • Fingerprints can be enrolled using a USB enroller from a central point, for example the HR office. This makes the process of enrolling a lot more convenient and simpler, whilst with face scanners you have to be in front of the device to carry out this function.

Is biometric time and attendance portable?

  • The unit is portable which means once the contract has ended, you can take it with you and use it at another location.
  • It is contained in a rubber casing which provides protection if accidentally dropped.
  • There is a built-in handle which enables users to carry it around easily.
  • It is fitted with 7600 Milliamp hour rechargeable battery which keeps it operational for days.
  • And most important, it is equipped with an independent GPRS connection and uses the innovative “PUSH” technology to transfer employee clocking data to the server automatically and in real-time. This will increase data accuracy and eliminate costly errors associated with manual timesheets as well as reduce the time it will take to run payroll. It will also allow to spot gaps quickly and act on them accordingly.

As well as RFID and biometric options, we provide solutions to track remote workers clocking data via a mobile app or a PC portal.

However biometric time and attendance  isn’t just about the method of capturing data, it has to be about time and attendance software as well, and what it can do for you. For information on how Computime time and attendance software can help your organisation, please visit our time and attendance software page.

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