A Guide To Face Recognition

A Guide To Face Recognition

One of the latest developments in biometric time and attendance, facial recognition clocking software has come forward leaps and bounds in recent years.

Face recognition is the use of advanced technology to identify or verify a person identity via selected facial features and matching that to stored data.

It is similar to systems used in airport security to catch criminals and has become increasingly popular recently with companies such as Apple getting onboard replacing its fingerprint scanning technology with facial recognition in its smartphones.

Why would you use Facial recognition clocking?

  • Biometric time and attendance systems save money in the long term vs traditional time and attendance systems, especially paper-based.
  • Face recognition prevents time fraud as it is challenging if not impossible for employees to ‘clock in’ a friend or fake their identity.
  • Biometric identification gives real-time data and accurate details of who is in the building.
  • It is secure. Facial recognition software is very difficult to fool and is one of the most secure biometric time and attendance systems available.
  • It saves on cost. Quick and easy to use, there is no paper timesheet, no swipe cards or fobs required.
  • It is touch-free. No greasy hands, wet fingers or dirt in the way. Perfect for construction, agricultural or kitchen workers.

Biometric time and attendance systems are a viable alternative to traditional systems. At Computime our facial recognition software is easy to install and can be up and running in no time.

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