Identifying a time and attendance system that works for you

Identifying a time and attendance system that works for you

Are you struggling to identify which time and attendance system will work best for your business? As the UK’s leading supplier of time and attendance solutions, Computime is here to help.

Moving to a time and attendance system that can automatically track employee-hours is a hassle-free solution for businesses employing flexible working patterns, shift-work and part-time workers. It saves supervisors and managers time and money, as well as ensuring that all employees are paid accurately and on-time.

What time and attendance systems are available?

Time and attendance systems using biometric software are growing in popularity due to the security and peace of mind that they offer. Methods such as biometric fingerprint scanning and facial recognition can be used for clocking in and out of the workplace, preventing time fraud and accurately tracking time and attendance.

  • RFID cards and fob-based systems

These can be used to track time and attendance, and when combined with a door locking system, are able to restrict access to areas of the workplace to those with specific cards.

Scenario: This solution is ideal for hotels and residential businesses that require a good standard of security, but also need to provide guests and residents with flexibility.

  • Smartphone-based systems

Smartphone-based systems can be used to track time and attendance on the go and when combined with software and RFID card systems, they can also provide in-depth data on employee movements.

Scenario: These systems are ideal for business employing outdoor workers such as geological surveyors, construction workers and contractors who will be travelling frequently.

Can the system track the data I need?

Employees can be tracked for attendance, leave of absence, sickness and holidays. Similarly, the system enables employees to file their absence requests directly, saving your HR team a lot of time and stress.

Our time and attendance systems can also store data through the cloud, meaning that authorised supervisors can access the required information anywhere, and at any time. If your time and attendance system makes use of the cloud, there is no need for your business to install additional software.

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