How to improve your business’ access control system

How to improve your business’ access control system

Keeping your workforce, visitors and business premises safe is essential. We understand that this solution should be easy-to-use and we will work with you to identify the access control hardware that provides the most flexible, reliable and durable solution to ensure the long-term security of your business.

Having worked with businesses across a wide range of sectors, we understand that each one has its own specific access control requirements, whether that’s managing authorisation levels for personnel, protecting important records, or securing your workforce.

As your business grows and develops, your access control needs may also change, which is why we are always improving our hardware to provide the best and most flexible solutions. Keeping your access control system up-to-date is also crucial and should not be treated as a one-time investment.

But how can you make sure that your access control system is best serving your business?

Evaluating your current access control

First of all, ask yourself whether the location of your access control is best protecting the individuals and assets who require it. You should have your access control system located next to all entry points to areas containing important valuable assets and working environments for employees. Also ensure you have CCTV next to all access control devices to ensure additional security.

Next on the evaluation list is testing the system. You should be testing your current access control system on a monthly or quarterly basis. Regular testing of the access control hardware ensures its performing at its best, allows you to identify any bugs or errors, and enables security managers to plan any possible changes required in advance.
Additionally, you should always be open to upgrading your technology should you require an updated access control system. Ideally a building’s access control system should be updated no longer than every ten years, therefore you should continue to regularly review the system’s performance to assess whether it is still meeting its intended purpose.

The review process should also look at who has access to the building. Some access control systems are faced with the problem where the number of active swipe cards controlling the system has exceeded the number of people requiring it. These errors are common across all business sectors and you can tackle this problem by setting an expiry date for swipe cards and then renew them if required.

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