Landworth Electrics

Landworth Electrics

The Problem

Based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, Landworth Electrics specialises in the installation of electrical works to all industry sectors, including developments, healthcare, education and leisure.

Landworth can employ up to 100 electricians at any one time at various sites in the UK, meaning that the company has the difficult task of collecting the time and attendance data necessary to export accurate payrolls. Landworth needed to seek advice from a specialist provider of time and attendance solutions, which is where we came in.

The Solution

We were able to quickly identify the solution that Landworth required and provided the portable battery-operated time and hardware known as the P22. This device is designed specifically for off-site time and attendance management which enables employees to accurately clock hours worked remotely and upload the data in real time. The hardware features a fingerprint terminal, which is a key benefit for off-site workers such as Landworth’s electricians, because its more durable and reliable in adverse weather conditions than face recognition.

The P22 battery operated time and hardware is equipped with 7600 mAh battery, keeping it charged and operational for days.


“We’re really pleased with our Computime P22 portable GPRS fingerprint terminals. They are very practical for our type of operation and very easy to use by our electricians. Introducing this solution means that the payroll is now processed accurately and efficiently, helping to boost morale both for our head office staff and our electricians.

“Attendance data being relayed to the head office in real time means we know where and when our electricians are supposed to be. It allows us to spot gaps quickly and act on them accordingly, meaning that we have less disruption in workflow and in turn, are able to operate more efficiently.”

James Dunlop, Financial Manager at Landworth Electrics